Spell Bottles 

Prosperity Spell Bottle



  • This spell bottle is made to bring abundance, prosperity, wealth and luck into your life. Keep it where you want the abundance. – For example if you own your own business and want to boost revenue place this in your work environment and let it work it’s magic! If you need abundance in your home place this in the kitchen by a window or somewhere safe!
  • In this spell bottle I included a lodestone! Lodestone aids to attract whatever you most want in your life. When you “feed” the lodestone with its special food it will ignite the power of the spell bottle and the lodestone and amplify their powers. Sold separately.

Love Spell Bottle DIY



  • Interested in making your very own spell bottle? This kit has everything you need to invigorate an existing relationship or to attract the love of your life! This spell bottle is more powerful if done on the full moon or the new moon! Enjoy the love that’s sure to come into your life once you complete this spell bottle! Enjoy!