Get to Know Me 

Photo courtesy of Kristi Webber Photography – Instagram @kristiwwyo


Understanding my “Gift”


Good day to you, and welcome to my world – a mysterious place where I’m quite comfortable being myself and exploring my incredible gift. I’m a 3rd generation psychic thanks to my beautiful mother and her grandmother, both whom each have a very different gift from each other and myself. We are all psychic in our own way. And that’s what is so beautiful about the metaphysical world- once you discover your gift, there is no book to tell you how to do it – you get to make it completely your own. For example I can do more than just “see the future” – which technically I can’t SEE the future, I get visions and messages from the universe and my spirit guides depending on the energy and the planetary line up in that given moment. My specialty in fact, is “divining” from multiple sources in order to receive visions from other realms and processing the images I receive to deliver a coherent message. I get my answers from what I like to call spirit guides or source.  Spirit guides are often times spirits that have not passed completely into the spiritual realm and instead have decided to stay closer to the physical realm to help guide physical spirits on their physical journey. They have had the physical experience and can better understand our frustrations and confusion while inhabiting a physical body. Often times the struggles in life come from the struggle of trying to balance our spirits with our physical body- both of which require seperate needs. Spirit guides are there for everyone not just psychic individuals but to anyone who is open to them. Source is where my spirit guides get their information from, I like to think of source as the Divine Light or Gaia. It’s instinctual to receive these visions and when I have questions or desires I ask the Universe to aid me along my way and to help me understand.

Over time and with ALOT of practice I have been able to become very fluent in my communications with my spirit guides and channeling Gaia. I have taken extra classes in order to better understand energy, auras, spirit guides, spirits, crystals, healing and interpreting messages from other realms. I have opened up to guidance from all sources who have something to show or teach me. This ranges from children to wise sages to spirit guides and even angels. It has been an amazing journey of self discovery and over the years I have become so comfortable with my gift, that now I want to use it for the greater good. By expanding my ability to heal and understand visions and messages in dreams I can now help aid those with questions or who feel lost. Or answer questions for the curious by using tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, crystal balls, astrology, numerology, and runes. I have even been able to “divine” using music, water, a mirror, and paint splatter. I took classes to learn how to read tea leaves and egg whites as well as candles and candle wax. Either way I’m still divining from the same sources -spirit guides and Angels- so whatever tool I use shouldn’t affect the reading. Using different tools simply triggers my subconscious so I can offer more in depth readings. Each source offers a unique way of helping me understand the visions or feelings that I’m getting. Since I’m naturally a creative person I find that switching up techniques is fun and exciting and helps me to be fluent in all areas.  However, my favorite tools to use are tarot/oracle cards , candle wax, paint splatter and crystal balls!

   Growing Up in the Country.

I was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  A small little town full of exciting western history and surprisingly unique and creative people.  I come from a family of 5, my two talented parents, my adventurous older sister, and my symbol of strength- my little brother.  We are all pretty different from the usual people you meet in a day, and I find myself to be the black sheep more and more often, haha!  We grew up in a time when things weren’t so hectic, and the world wasn’t so linked into technology, it was a time when the world seemed happier.  And thankfully it gave me a lot of time to explore my imagination and personality, I was lucky to have two loving parents who allowed me to grow and expand and test the waters.  I knew I was very intuitive at a young age, and my parents were quick to catch on, though little did I know.  I thought I was exploring this unique gift under the radar, but my parents patiently watched from afar and allowed me to grow with it instead of feeling like I had to hide it.  They encouraged us kids to appreciate nature and to treat the world and others with kindness and respect- the way we wished to be treated.  More often than not we were outdoors playing, and in the summers we spent our weekends in the mountains hiking and exploring and seeing the  beauty of nature first hand.  It wasn’t bad or weird to get covered in mud and my parents didn’t mind as long as we didn’t track it into the house.  In retrospect I am grateful, I feel so lucky to have been able to be so free and be so loved.