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Astrology Birth Chart and Interpretation

  • Chart interpretation session with intuitive insight- $25.00
  • Daily Personalized Horoscope – get a daily horoscope that is personalized to your birth chart emailed or texted directly to your phone! — $40.00 per month. OR $15.00 per week. OR $5.00 for a single day 
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Aura Reading and Interpretation

  • 25 minute reading and interpretation session – $40.00 and $1.00 per minute after.
    • Includes a 10 minute reading and a 15 minute intuitive interpretation
    • ***Aura readings can only be done by appointment in person. 
      • (25 minute minimum required)

Candle Wax Reading 

  • Candle wax reading session  -$25.00
  • includes pouring the wax and interpretation. 1 question of your choice 
  • Additional wax pour per additional question -$10.00


  • Can’t find an item? Wishing you could talk to someone out of touch? Curious about passed on loved ones? – $25.00 per lost item OR per person being channeled 

Chakra Alignment

  • 45 minute chakra alignment and grounding. – $45.00
    • Chakra assessment and chakra healing session with healing crystals and guided meditation.
    • Post chakra-alignment energy clearing
  • **** Chakra Alignment can only be done by appointment in person.
  • Chakra1

Cowrie Shell Reading

  • A traditional 4 shell reading is used for yes or no questions. – $15.00
  • A traditional 16 shell reading is used to reveal hidden truths. – $25.00

Crystal Ball Revelations

  • Crystal ball divination session – $40.00
  • ******Crystal Ball Revelations can be in person or over the Internet or phone. 

Crystal Grid Clearing Session

  •  Crystal Grid Clearing session – $35.00 
  • ****Crystal Grid Clearing can only be done by appointment in person, or you can order a personalized grid to be shipped to you. 

Crystal Healing Session 

  • Crystal healing session includes chakra alignment and a crystal to take home determined after reading. – $40.00

Dream Interpretations

  • Complete dream interpretation and psychic input. – $25.00

Energy Clearing & Healing

  • 30 minute Auric field clearing and energy healing session. Includes the use of sage smoke. – $25.00

Home Clearing 

  • A complete home clearing session using sage smoke, a protective Crystal to keep, and a sea salt protection blessing. -$100.00


  • 45 minute session to contact loved ones who have passed on, or to communicate with spirit guides. – $50.00


  • Complete set includes numerological breakdown of your •Life Path •Challenge •Personal Year •Birthday •Hidden Passion •Personality and •Karmic Lesson numbers. -$65.00
  • 3 numbers listed above of your choice for $35.00
  • One number listed above of your choice for $15.00

Pendulum Reading

  • Ask the pendulum up to 5 yes or no questions. – $25.00
  • Additional questions – $10.00 each 

Psychic Party

  • Host your very own Enchanted Psychic Social! Invite a psychic and learn hidden truths with all of your friends! – $100.00 for the first hour.
  • Two hour party – $200.00
  • Additional hour after the 2 hour mark. – $75.00
  • ****1 hour minimum required. Suggested up to 5 people for 1 hour. More than 5 I would recommend a 2 hour party. 


  • Cast the mystical set of runes and get a detailed interpretation.                – $25.00

Spirit Board Session

  • 30 minute session asking the spirit board questions. Contact loved ones or your spirit guides. – $50.00 

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

  •  Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
  • First-time Reading 2 questions for $25.00 
  • First-time Reading 3 questions for $35.00
  • Single Card Reading- $10.00 
  • Returning Client General Reading – $25.00   
  • Additional questions $10.00 each
  • FullSizeRender    



Traveling Service Fee

     Services provided that require me to travel outside of a 25 mile radius from Oceanside 92056 have an additional fee of $1.00 per mile.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Monse says:

    How much would it be for a tarot reading through phone ?


    1. Hello,
      A general tarot reading via phone call is $25.00


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