Crystal Ball Revelations

Absorbing the powerful energy this beauty emits!


Crystal Ball Revelations

        The crystal ball has always been a source of mystery and wonderment for me ever since I was a small child.  My mother owned a crystal ball, I remember when she purchased it down in Florida during a family vacation.  We went to a very scary haunted house with a creepy store that had a lot of amazing occult tools, objects and trinkets.  My mom came across the crystal ball and I could feel her excitement radiating as she showed it to my dad, her eyes gleaming with pure joy, like a child on Christmas morning.  As you may have guessed, that crystal ball made its journey home with us where it claimed its throne on the dresser, as if it were royalty.  I remember thinking that the gorgeous translucent perfect sphere had almost a life of its own.  My mom treated it like a baby, carrying it gently and never letting anyone else touch it, for fear of dropping it- or worse- altering its dedicated intent by plaguing it with residual energy or negative energy.  Her dedication to treating it so delicately was intriguing, to say the least, and from then on I was forever hooked by its majesty.  Every time I would go into my moms room after that I would always catch myself peering over at the dresser where the crystal ball sat.  It had an extravagant golden stand and was placed in the center of her dresser with all of her oddly shaped perfume bottles and crystals, rocks and picture frames.  The dresser had an attached mirror and on each side of the mirror were built in shelves, and on the shelves were all of her magical treasures.  The tall dark stained wooden dresser was majestic all on its own.  That crystal ball sitting so peacefully and almost authoritatively, would gleam in the dim lights and captivate my spirit.  My mom’s favorite color is purple, and her deep purple curtains created a certain ambiance in the room that was warm and deep.  The energy of purple- intuition and dreams- is the perfect way to describe how it felt to stand in her room gazing at her mystical trinkets and that majestic crystal ball.

       I choose to use the crystal ball to clear my mind and amplify all the energy that I am trying to pick up on, so I can get a clear vision in order to relay messages from spiritual and angelic realms to my client.  My crystal ball was a gift to me from my mom that she wanted me to have to add to my collection.  Although it is not her mystical crystal ball- it is still perched on her dresser- it is still very powerful and special in its own unique way.  My crystal ball, like hers, is made out of clear quartz.  It’s nature is to store and amplify energy, so I have programmed and infused it with my very own intent- to see my visions more clearly, and to help heal during meditation or crystal healing sessions.  As I have gotten more comfortable with my crystal ball I have noticed that it has become more like a friend to me.  When it is not next to me I often catch myself wondering where it is, and stranger so, if it is alright.  The energy I feel from it when I hold it or get close to it, matches that of my small Chihuahua puppy- its very alive and very active.  I am very empathic and very sensitive to energy, which is another reason I love doing my readings, and my crystal ball really helps me to tap into higher realms and sources for messages from beyond our dimension.

        Origins of the Crystal Ball

        The art of “seeing” through the crystal ball is more commonly referred to as scrying.  It is the practice of looking into the translucent ball to see spiritual visions.  Surprisingly, it is less common to use a crystal ball for fortune telling, despite many beliefs.  Scrying has been used in many cultures, dating all the way back to ancient times.  The most common tools that were used were reflective, translucent or luminescent objects. These objects consisted of crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, and smoke.  It is believed that by divining with these tools, you can see the past, present or future.  The visions that come are intuitive and brought forth by the Divine Source, or as I like to say, the Universe.

       The use of crystals for divination or scrying dates back to the Celtic Druids of the Iron Age are considered among the first to use runes combined with crystals and gemstones for insight and prophecy.  The Druids were known as scientists and teachers as well as priests of the Mystic Arts.  They often used Beryllium Aluminum Silicate or “Beryl” to polish and round out into spherical shapes to scry with.  The Druids were pagan and a nature-based culture, that since the dawn of time, attributed spiritual properties to rocks and crystals.  They were practiced with in the Middle Ages, when clairvoyants would use crystal balls to foretell events or expose the details of a problem.  King Arthur often sought the advice and prophecies of Merlin the Magician.  Merlin was a wise sage and engineered the birth of King Arthur through magic and intrigue.  He later became the King’s advisor using crystal balls and gemstones to offer prophecies and advice, until he was bewitched and imprisoned by the Lady of the Lake.  Queen Elizabeth I had an advisor/tutor named John Dee who used crystal gazing as a form of divination at the royal court.  John Dee straddled the worlds of science and magic just as they were becoming distinguishable.  He devoted himself to magic, astrology and philosophy.  Later on in his life he used crystal balls to communicate with angels to try and learn the universal language of creation in order to unite mankind.  One of the most popular clairvoyants of the 20th century was Alexander the Crystal Seer, or Claude Alexander Conlin (1880-1954).  His popular psychic act consisted of mental telepathy and mind reading.  Audience members would ask sealed questions, and he would answer them from the stage.  In addition to performing he also worked privately for clients giving readings.  It is hard to find solid history of Alexander because his career and personal life have long been shrouded in mystery.

Uses of Crystal Balls

  • they release energies that supplement a psychic’s clairvoyant abilities
  • they clear out the psychic’s mind
  • their spherical shape is soothing and good for meditation
  • they allow deep meditation so psychic’s may enter a trance state
  • once a psychic enters a trance state, they use the translucent ball to “capture” their visions so they may pass the messages onto their clients or audience



Absorbing the powerful energy this beauty emits!

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